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Status of NAP support to Comoros:

The Union of the Comoros launched its NAP process in 2014, with the aim to reduce climate vulnerability in the medium- to long-term and to integrate climate-related risks and opportunities into existing development planning and budgeting systems. At the request of the government of Comoros, the joint UNDP-UN Environment National Adaptation Plan Global Support Programme (NAP-GSP) conducted a stocktaking of NAP activities. A Stocktaking Report was prepared, covering an overview of the NAP process, an analysis of NAP-relevent processes and actors in the Comoros, a review of Comoros's Climate Change Action Plan, recommendations for the NAP process in Comoros, strategic areas of intervention, and a NAP roadmap.

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The NAP process in Comoros was officially launched on 23 September 2014 by the Minister of Environment of the Comoros.This was followed by a three-day NAP Orientation Workshop from 23 to 25 September 2014. The objective of the workshop was to enhance the understanding of the NAP process among national stakeholders, including the Ministries of Environment, Planning and Finance and key sectoral ministries, as well as national NGOs and other partners. During the workshop, key stakeholders made presentations on the context of the NAP in Comoros and presented relevant activities, initiatives and findings. Specific technical presentations were delivered by NAP-GSP collaborating partners GIZ on vulnerability assessments and M&E, and by UNDP on appraising adaptation options and climate scenarios. The participants were also trained on the UNFCCC/LEG Technical Guidelines and discussed their implementation in working groups. On the last day of the workshop, the participants gathered in working groups to draft a roadmap for the NAP process in the country.
The workshop was supported by the UNDP Country Office. Preliminary stock-taking of relevant initiatives and gap analysis were also conducted during the mission, to assist in the drafting of a NAP roadmap.
Through in-country consultations, the  NAP-GSP team identified several needs to advance the next steps of the NAP process. These include:
  • Developing a centralised information system;
  • Support to strengthen the coordination and synergy among country institutions as well as among technical and financial partners, and between the national and islands levels;
  • Building capacities both at institutional and individual level and both technical and functional skills, particularly in climate adaptation mainstreaming and funding mobilization, both internal (with support to CCA budgeting) and external (new project development);
  • Requirement for further sensitisation activities to strengthen ownership of the NAP process ownership by a wide range of stakeholders.  


Project Details

NAP - experiences in climate change adaptation planning / PNA - expérience en adaptation au changement climatique

Presentation by the Government of Comoros at the NAP-GSP / PAG-PNA Africa Regional Training Workshop in April 2014 / Présenté par la délégation du gouvernement du Comoros à la Atelier régional de formation en Afrique Organisé par le PAG-PNA - Addis Abeba, Ethiopie, 21-24 avril 2014.

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