Supporting Nepal to advance their NAP Process

Project Overview

Status of assistance to Nepal for their NAP process

  • Delegates from Nepal attended the NAP-GSP Regional Training Workshop for Asian LDCs in February 2014 - in which an overview NAP timeline schedule was formulated by the Nepal country team (view below)
  • The Government of Nepal nominated Mr.Lava Bahadur K.C as focal point in February 2014. NAP-GSP convened preliminary discussions on identifying existing coordination mechanisms led by Ministry of Environment in partnership with Ministry of Planning and Finance, to begin in-country discussions for initiating the NAP process.
  • NAP-GSP has held initial discussions with Ministry of Environment, Planning and Finance Ministries to raise awareness and introduce the NAP process.
  • The NAP GSP team has held follow-up discussions with the Government of Nepal NAP focal point Mr.Lava Bahadur in February 2015. The specific technical support required to kick-off the NAP process is to be discussed by the government, and then communicated to the NAP-GSP team.
  • Groundwork has been done with the integration of climate code into the budget and there is ongoing work to analyse how much some sector ministries are spending on climate for both mitigation and adaptation.
  • Potential entry points for the NAP process include ongoing work on planning processes  through the PEI’s  “Strengthening National Planning and Monitoring Capacity (SNPMC) initiative, Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience and other ongoing programmes such as the Economics for Adaptation.


Nepal overview NAP timeline schedule:

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Nepal overview NAP process timeline

Overview timeline of the NAP process in Nepal formulated by the Nepal country team of delegates at the NAP-GSP Regional Training Workshop for Asian LDCs in February 2014:

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