Supporting Georgia to advance their NAP process

Project Overview

  • NAP work in Georgia is at its very initial stage. The Government of Georgia decided to launch the NAP process in 2016, and on 11 February 2016 the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection (MoENRP) of Georgia officially requested UNDP and UNDP-UNEP NAP-GSP to provide expert advice and support.

  • The NAP-GSP support TOR has been developed for initiation of the country’s overall NAP process.  

  • Through the UNDP Country Office, the focal point at the MoENRP has been contacted as a preliminary response to the request, with a brief explanation of the NAP process and potential support.

  • The first country mission took place in October 2016 and included NAP Orientation Workshop for a group of 35 representatives of national stakeholders, followed by direct one-on-one meetings and consultations.
  • UNDP Country Office has identified and confirmed local climate change expert support availability.
  • The next steps will be: (i) preparation of stocktaking report, (ii) formulation of a medium-term NAP roadmap and (iii) stakeholders’ roadmap validation workshop