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Gender, Climate Change, and CBA - Guidebook (2010)

Gender, Climate Change, and Community-Based Adaptation: A Guidebook for Designing and Impelementing Gender-Sensitive Community-Based Adaptation Programmes and Projects

01 September 2010

Protecting Health from Climate Change - Connecting Science, Policy, and People (WHO, 2009)

This report provides an update of the evidence on health risks caused by climate change, describes which populations are most vulnerable, and outlines the actions that will be necessary to protect health from climate change. It presents effective interventions that would save lives now and reduce vulnerability to climate change in the future, as well as policy options in sectors such as transport and energy production, that could simultaneously improve health and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

Screening Tools & Guidelines to Support Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation into Development Assistance

The report explores the rationale for mainstreaming, outlines the main components necessary to operationalize mainstreaming, and indicates the various relevant levels and associated entry points to consider in the mainstreaming process. The report discusses and illustrates how key climate change adaptation and mainstreaming concepts are defined and used – both in relevant literature and in practice – as well as how they relate to development.

Designing Climate Change Adaptation Initiatives: A Toolkit for Practitioners

The toolkit is a step-by-step guide on how to develop adaptation initiatives in developing countries. The guide helps to understand how to differentiate between a climate change “adaptation” and a traditional development initiative, and what key elements must be considered when developing and designing an adaptation initiative.It sets out the fundamental components of the design process, the approach to building stakeholder consensus, and key tools and methodologies.