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CIRDA Achievements 2016

An overview of the achievements of the CIRDA programme in 2017.


  • CIRDA’s annual work plan envisioned a target of USD 896,320 for 2016

Risk-Proofing the Western Balkans: Empowering People to Prevent Disasters

This regional Human Development Report makes the case for the integration of risks and for strategies to reduce disaster risks by incorporating the role that people play, both as victims/survivors of disasters and as agents of change, within development interventions. This proactive approach can be summarised as reducing risks for people and by people. The implications of such a paradigm shift are paramount for the countries of the Western Balkans, prone as they are to natural and human-made hazards and given their willingness to build on the human potential within their societies.

Second Regional Training Workshop (30 Sep - 4 Oct 2013)

Applying Methods for Assessing the Costs & Benefits of Climate Change Adaptation

Logistics and Preparation Note


Potential Impacts of Climate Change on the Egyptian Economy (2012)

Frequently Asked Questions: The UNDP Capacity Assessment Methodology (UNDP, 2009)

The questions in this document have been raised by UNDP colleagues and partners during the many capacity assessment exercises and workshops that UNDP has facilitated around the world. The answers are based on UNDP’s experience and research, and reflect UNDP’s capacity assessment methodology.

Capacity Development Group
Bureau for Development Policy
United Nations Development Programme
June 2009