Supporting Uruguay to advance their NAP process

Project Overview

  • A GCF-financed project has been launched to support the Government of Uruguay to advance its National Adaptation Planning process in cities and local governments (NAP-Cities). The objectives of the National Adaptation Planning process are to:  Reduce vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, by building adaptive capacity and resilience in cities, infrastructures and urban environments; and to facilitate the integration of climate change adaptation, in a coherent manner, into relevant new and existing policies, programmes and activities, in particular development planning processes and strategies that apply to cities and local planning. The project will be implemented by the Ministry of Housing, Territorial Planning and Environment (MVOTMA).
  • A country briefing 'National Adaptation Plans in focus: Lessons from Uruguay' has been published. This briefing on the process to formulate and implement the National Adaptation Plan in Uruguay considers firstly the country context and the climate change risks. The groundwork for supporting the NAP is considered, covering the policy, planning and bugetary framework, priority adaptation sectors in NDC, climate assessments, the implementation of adaptation actions and plans thus far. The briefing contains a timeline of the Uruguay NAP process. Challenges, successes and opportunities are also discussed.
  • A NAP-GSP mission was deployed to Uruguay from 14-23 October 2016, to support a NAP workshop.
  • The workshop identified strategic goals for the NAP process, and the activities and processes to serve as entry points for climate change adaptation integration. 
  • Stakeholders gained a shared understanding of their own current capacities and needs around climate change adaptation to help inform decisions on developing a NAP process.
  • An indicative roadmap for development of NAP process was produced.

Reports and Publications

Project Brief / Fact Sheet

National Adaptation Plan process in focus: Lessons from Uruguay